A compilation of every presidential, congressional and gubernatorial poll released from June 18th onward. I provide the link to the poll and to the post in which I discuss the survey for more context and analysis. The dates listed are not the dates in which the poll was in the field but the day I reported the poll - and thus the day it was released.

To go to the latest numbers from a particular state, add # followed by the state’s initials to this page’s URL. For instance, campaigndiaries.com/polls#FL will take you to Florida’s numbers and #OH to those of Ohio. For congressional races, add the contest’s marker. For instance, the polls for Alabama’s 2nd district are at #AL-02 and those of the Minnesota Senate race at #MN-Sen.

  • Alabama

Press Register (Sept. 21st): McCain 52%-Obama 25%
SUSA (September 19th): McCain 64%-Obama 31%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 58%-Obama 39%
Capital Survey Research (Sep. 11th): McCain 55%-Obama 35%
Capital Survey Research (August 7th): McCain 47%-Obama 34%
Rasmussen (August 4th): McCain 55%-Obama 37%
AEA/Capital Survey (July 9th): McCain 49%-Obama 36%
Rasmussen (June 30th): McCain 51%-Obama 36%

  • Alabama’s 2nd district (AL-02)

SUSA (September 2nd): Love 56%-Bright 39% (criticism of sample’s racial make-up)
Capital Survey Research (August 13th): Bright 47%-Love 37%
Love internal (August 11th): Love 41%-Bright 39%
Bright internal (August 8th): Bright (D) 50%-Love (R) 40%

  • Alabama’s 3rd district (AL-03)

Capital Survey Research (Oct. 2nd): Rogers 45%-Segall 36%
Capital Survey Research (August 23rd): Rogers (R) 54%-Segall (D) 33%

  • Alabama’s 5th district (AL-05)

Capital Survey Research (August 26th): Griffith (D) 45%-Parker (R) 40%

  • Alaska

Research 2000 (Sept. 19th): McCain 53%-Obama 38%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 55%-Obama 39%
Rasmussen (September 10th): McCain 64%-Obama 33%
NRSC internal (September 8th): McCain 55%-Obama 34%
Ivan Moore (September 5th): McCain 54%-Obama 35%
McCain internal (Sep. 4th): McCain 57%-Obama 33%
Hays Research (August 12th): Obama 45%-McCain 40%
Rasmussen (August 1st): McCain 45%-Obama 40% (48-42 with leaners)
Ivan Moore (July 22nd): McCain 47%-Obama 44%
Rasmussen (July 21st): McCain 45%-Obama 40%
Research 2000 (July 18th): McCain 51%-Obama 41%
DSCC internal (June 24th): McCain 44%-Obama 42%-Barr 3%
Rasmussen (June 18th): McCain 45%-Obama 41%

  • Alaska Senate race

Rasmussen (Oct. 7th): Stevens 49%-Begich 48%
Farleigh Dickinson (Sept. 25th): Begich 47%-Stevens 43%
Ivan Moore (September 25th): Begich 48%-Stevens 46%
Research 2000 (Sept. 19th): Begich 50%-Stevens 44%
Rasmussen (September 10th): Begich 48%-Stevens 46%
NRSC internal (September 8th): Stevens 46%-Begich 44%
Ivan Moore (September 5th): Begich 49%-Stevens 46%
Ivan Moore (August 15th): Begich 56%-Stevens 39%
Ivan Moore (August 1st): Begich 56%-Stevens 35%
Rasmussen (July 31st): Begich 50%- Stevens 37%
Ivan Moore (July 22nd): Begich 51%-Stevens 43%
Rasmussen (July 21st): Begich 50%-Stevens 41%
Research 2000 (July 18th): Begich 47%-Stevens 45%
Rasmussen (June 17th): Stevens (R) 46%-Begich 44%

  • Alaska’s at-large district (AK-AL)

Farleigh Dickinson (Sept. 25th): Berkowitz 47%-Young 41%
Ivan Moore (September 25th): Berkowitz 49%-Young 44%
Research 2000 (Sept. 19th): Berkowitz (D) 53%-Young 41%
Ivan Moore (September 5th): Berkowitz 54%-Young 37%
Ivan Moore (August 15th): Berkowitz 51%-Young 41%
Research 2000 (July 18th): Berkowitz (D) 51%-Young (R) 40%

  • Arizona

Rasmussen (Sept. 30th): McCain 59%-Obama 38%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 56%-Obama 39%
Mason Dixon (August 24th): McCain 47%-Obama 41%
Univ. of Arizona (August 20th): McCain 40%-Obama 30%
Rasmussen (August 4th): McCain 52%-Obama 36% (57%-38% with leaners)
PPP (August 4th): McCain 52%-Obama 40%
Rasmussen (June 29th): McCain 49%-Obama 40%

  • Arizona’s 8th district (AZ-08)

Giffords internal (July 21st; taken in June): Giffords 59%-Bee 35%
Bee internal poll (July 21st; taken in May): Giffords 47%-Bee 40%

  • Arkansas

Rasmussen (Sept. 25th): McCain 51%-Obama 42%
ARG (Sept. 23rd): McCain 53%-Obama 41%
Rasmussen (July 17th): McCain 47%-Obama 37%

  • California

SUSA (Oct. 7th): Obama 55%-McCain 39%
PPIC (September 29th): Obama 50%-McCain 40%
SUSA (September 26th): Obama 53%-McCain 43%
Rasmussen (Sept. 23rd): Obama 56%-McCain 39%
ARG (Sept. 22nd): Obama 55%-McCain 39%
Field poll (Sept. 17th): Obama 52%-McCain 46%
PPIC (August 28th): Obama 47%-McCain 38%
Rasmussen (August 23rd): Obama 51%-McCain 37% (54-41 with leaners)
PPIC (July 31st): Obama 50%-McCain 35%
Rasmussen (July 27th): Obama 50%-McCain 38% (52-42 with leaners)
Field Poll (July 16th): Obama 54%-McCain 30%
Rasmussen (June 27th): Obama 58%-McCain 30%
SUSA (June 21st): Obama 53%-McCain 41%

  • California’s 4th district (CA-04)

McClintock internal (October 1st): McClintock 46%-Brown 41%
Research 2000 (September 27th): Brown 46%-McClintock 41%
Brown internal (September 8th): Brown (D) 43%-McClintock (R) 41%

  • California’s 26th district (CA-26)

Warner internal by Greenberg (August 8th): Dreier (R) 49%-Warner 37%

  • California, Proposition 8 (ban on gay marriage)

SUSA (Oct. 7th): Yes 47%-No 42%
PPIC (September 29th): No 55%-Yes 41%
SUSA (September 26th): No 49%-Yes 44%
PPIC (August 28th): No 54%-Yes 40%
Field Poll (July 18th): No 51%-Yes 42%

  • Colorado

Insider Advantage (Oct. 7th): Obama 51%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (October 6th): Obama 51%-McCain 45%
Mason Dixon (October 5th): Tie at 44%
Ciruli Associates (Oct. 2nd): Obama 44%-McCain 43%
Rasmussen (September 29th): Obama 50%-McCain 49%
ARG (September 26th): McCain 48%-Obama 45%
CNN/Time (Sept. 24th): Obama 51%-McCain 47%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 24th): Obama 50%-McCain 41%
Rasmussen (Sept. 24th): Obama 50%-McCain 47%
PPP (September 23rd): Obama 51%-McCain 44%
Quinnipiac (September 23rd): Obama 49%-McCain 45%
Insider Advantage (September 18th): Obama 50%-McCain 40%
All State/National Journal (Sept. 18th): Obama 46%-McCain 45%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 46%-Obama 44%
Rasmussen (September 15th): McCain 48%-Obama 46%
PPP (September 11th): Obama 47%-McCain 46%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 11th): Obama 49%-McCain 46%
Rasmussen (September 8th): Obama 49%-McCain 46%
NRSC internal (September 8th): McCain 47%-Obama 45%
Schaffer internal (August 28th): Obama 43%-McCain 40%
CNN (August 27th): McCain 47%-Obama 46%
Suffolk (August 25th): Obama 44%-McCain 39%
Mason Dixon (August 24th): Obama 46%-McCain 43%
Quinnipiac (August 24th): McCain 47%-Obama 46%
Rocky Mountain News (August 18th): McCain 44%-Obama 41%
Rasmussen (August 14th): McCain 47%-Obama 45% (48% to 47% with leaners)
PPP (August 11th): Obama 48%-McCain 44%
Fredericks poll (July 27th): Obama 45%-McCain 41%
Quinnipiac (July 24th): McCain 46%-Obama 44%
Rasmussen (July 22nd): Obama 49%-McCain 42% (50% to 47% with leaners)
PPP (July 14th): Obama 47%-McCain 43%
Quinnipiac (June 27th): Obama 49%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (June 19th): Obama 43%-McCain 41%

  • Colorado Senate race

Mason Dixon (Oct. 5th): Udall 43%-Schaffer 38%
Ciruli Associates (Oct. 2nd): Udall 47%-Schaffer 40%
PPP (September 23rd): Udall 48%-Schaffer 40%
Quinnipiac (September 23rd): Udall 48%-Schaffer 40%
Udall internal (September 12th): Udall 45%-Schaffer 34%
NRSC internal (September 8th): Udall 40%-Schaffer 39%
Schaffer internal (August 28th): Udall 41%-Schaffer 38%
Suffolk (August 25th): Udall 39%-Schaffer 31%
Mason Dixon (August 25th): Udall 47%-Schaffer 37%
Rasmussen (August 14th): Udall 47%-Schaffer 41% (50% to 42% with leaners)
Rocky Mountain (August 14th): Udall 44%-Schaffer 38%
PPP (August 11th): Udall 47%-Schaffer 41%
Fredericks (July 27th): Udall 47%-Schaffer 38%
Quinnipiac (July 24th): Udall 44%-Schaffer 44%
Rasmussen (July 22nd): Udall 47%-Schaffer 43%
PPP (July 15th): Udall 47%-Schaffer 38%
Quinnipiac (June 26th): Udall 48%-Schaffer 38%
DSCC internal (June 24th): Udall 46%-Schaffer 37%
Rasmussen (June 19th): Udall (D) 49%-Schaffer (R) 40%

  • Colorado’s fourth district (CO-04)

Grove Insight (D) (Sept. 19th): Markey (D) 47%-Musgrave 38%
SUSA (August 27th): Markey (D) 50%-Musgrave 43%

  • Connecticut

SUSA (September 27th): Obama 54%-McCain 38%
ARG (September 21st): Obama 54%-McCain 43%
Rasmussen (Sept. 18th): Obama 53%-McCain 41%
Rasmussen (August 4th): Obama 51%-McCain 36%
Research 2000 (July 6th): Obama 57%-McCain 35%
Quinnipiac (July 2nd): Obama 56%-McCain 35%
Rasmussen (July 2nd): Obama 52%-McCain 35%

  • Connecticut’s fourth district (CT-04)

Himes internal (Sept. 21st): Tie at 45%

  • Delaware

SUSA (Sept. 25th): Obama 57%-McCain 37%
ARG (September 17th): Obama 51%-McCain 40%
Rasmussen (Sep. 15th): Obama 55%-McCain 43%

  • District of Columbia

ARG (September 17th): Obama 82%-McCain 13%

  • Florida

Mason Dixon (Oct. 7th): Obama 48%-McCain 46%
Rasmussen (October 6th): Obama 52%-McCain 45%
(October 1st): Obama 51%-McCain 47%
Suffolk (October 1st): Obama 46%-McCain 42%
Quinnipiac (October 1st): Obama 51%-McCain 43%
Insider Advantage (Oct. 1st): Obama 54%-McCain 43%
PPP (September 30th): Obama 49%-McCain 46%
Rasmussen (September 29th): Tie at 47%
SUSA (September 29th): McCain 48%-McCain 47%
Rasmussen (Sept. 26th): McCain 48%-McCain 47%
ARG (Sept. 26th): Obama 47%-McCain 46%
Strategic Vision (Sept. 24th): McCain 48%-Obama 45%
Mason Dixon (September 23rd): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (Sept. 22nd): McCain 51%-Obama 46%
Research 2000 (Sept. 21st): McCain 46%-Obama 45%
Miami Herald (Sept. 21st): McCain 47%-Obama 45%
All State/National Journal (Sept. 18th): Tie at 44%
SUSA (Sept. 18th): McCain 50%-Obama 44%
ARG (Sept. 18th): Tie at 46%
CNN (September 17th): tie at 48%; Obama 48%-McCain 44%-Nader 4%
Rasmussen (September 15th): McCain 49%-Obama 44%
Insider Advantage (September 11th): McCain 50%-Obama 42%
Quinnipiac (September 11th): McCain 50%-Obama 43%
PPP (September 9th): McCain 50%-Obama 45%
Rasmussen (September 8th): Tie at 48%
Mason Dixon (August 27th): Obama 45%-McCain 44%
Strategic Vision (August 27th): McCain 49%-Obama 42%
Quinnipiac (August 26th): McCain 47%-Obama 43%
Kitchens Group (R) (August 26th): McCain 42%-Obama 39%
ARG (August 22nd): McCain 47%-Obama 46%
Rasmussen (August 19th): McCain 46%-Obama 43%
Insider Advantage (August 13th): McCain 48%-Obama 44%
PPP (August 5th): McCain 47%-Obama 44%
SUSA (August 4th): McCain 50%-Obama 44%
McLaughlin (R) (August 4th): McCain 45%-Obama 40%
Quinnipiac (July 31st): Obama 46%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (July 23rd): Obama 46%-McCain 45%
ARG (July 22nd): McCain 47%-Obama 45%
PPP (July 1st): Obama 44%-McCain 42%
Strategic Vision (July 1st): McCain 49%-Obama 41%
Rasmussen (June 30th): McCain 48%-Obama 41%
Rasmussen (June 19th): McCain 47%-Obama 39%
ARG (June 18th): Obama 49%-McCain 44%
Quinnipiac (June 18th): Obama 47%-McCain 43%. First poll to ever have Obama ahead

  • Florida, 8th congressional district (FL-08)

Greyson internal (September 15th): Greyson (D) 44%-Keller (R) 40%

  • Florida, 13th congressional district (FL-13)

SUSA (October 3rd): Buchanan 49%-Jennings 33%
Research 2000 (September 29th): Buchanan 43%-Jennings 31%
Jennings internal (September 27th): Buchanan 44%-Jennings 40%
Buchanan internal (August 28th): Buchanan 48%-Jennings 30%

  • Florida, 16th congressional district (FL-16)

Rooney internal (September 17th): Mahoney (D) 48%-Rooney (R) 41%

  • Florida, 18th congressional district (FL-18)

Research 2000 (September 29th): Ros-Lehtinen 53%-Taddeo 36%
Bendixen & Associates (July 7th): Ros-Lehtinen (R) 51%-Taddeo (D) 38%

  • Florida, 21st congressional district (FL-21)

Diaz-Balart internal (Sep. 2nd): Diaz-Balart 48%-Martinez 36%
SUSA (August 28th): Martinez 48%-Diaz-Balart 46%
Bendixen & Associates (July 7th): Diaz-Balart (R) 41%-Martinez (D) 37%

  • Florida’s 24th congressional district (FL-24)

Kosmas internal (Sept. 18th): Feeney 43%-Kosmas 42%

  • Florida, 25th congressional district (FL-25)

Research 2000 (Sept. 29th): Diaz-Balart 45%-Garcia 41%
Bendixen & Associates (July 7th): Diaz-Balart (R) 44%-Garcia (D) 39%

  • Georgia

Rasmussen (Oct. 8th): McCain 53%-Obama 44%
Research 2000 (October 6th): McCain 50%-Obama 43%
Insider Advantage (Oct. 2nd): McCain 50%-Obama 44%
(Sept. 30th): McCain 52%-Obama 44%
ARG (Sept. 22nd): McCain 57%-Obama 39%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 18th): McCain 51%-Obama 43%
Rasmussen (September 18th): McCain 54%-Obama 43%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 11th): McCain 56%-Obama 38%
Strategic Vision (Sept. 11th): McCain 52%-Obama 39%
Rasmussen (August 18th): McCain 50%-Obama 43% (53% to 44% with leaners)
Insider Advantage (July 31st): McCain 45%-Obama 41%-Barr 3%
Rasmussen (July 21st): McCain 48%-Obama 39%-Barr 5%
Insider Advantage (July 6th): McCain 46%-Obama 44%-Barr 4%
Strategic Vision (July 1st): McCain 51%-Obama 43%
Rasmussen (June 30th): McCain 53%-Obama 43%
Insider Advantage (June 20th): McCain 44%-Obama 43%-Barr 6%

  • Georgia Senate race

Research 2000 (October 6th): Chambliss 45%-Martin 44%
SUSA (Sept. 30th): Chambliss 46%-Martin 44%
DSCC internal (Sept. 29th): Chambliss 37%-Martin 34%
Chambliss internal (Sept. 19th): Chambliss 52%-Martin 33%
SUSA (Sept. 18th): Chambliss 53%-Martin 36%-Buckley 8%
Rasmussen (Sept. 18th): Chambliss 50%-Martin 45%-Buckley (L) 8%
Strategic Vision (Sep. 12th): Chambliss 54%-Martin 36%
Rasmussen (August 18th): Chambliss 48%-Martin 43%
DSCC internal (August 12th): Chambliss 42%-Martin 36%
Rasmussen (July 21st): Chambliss 59%-Jones 29%; Chambliss 51%-Martin 40%

  • Hawaii

Rasmussen (Sept. 24th): Obama 68%-McCain 27%
ARG (September 17th): Obama 63%-McCain 32%

  • Iowa

Research 2000 (Oct. 2nd): Obama 55%-McCain 39%
Rasmussen (Sept 27th): Obama 51%-McCain 43%
Marist (Sept. 24th): Obama 51%-McCain 41%
ARG (Sept. 22nd): Obama 51%-McCain 44%
Research 2000 (Sept. 21st): Obama 53%-McCain 39%
SUSA (September 19th): Obama 54%-McCain 44%
Big Ten (September 18th): Tie at 45%
Selzer & Co/DMR (Sep. 15th): Obama 52%-McCain 40%
CNN (September 3rd): Obama 55%-McCain 40%
Univ. of Iowa (August 20th): Obama 48%-McCain 43%
Rasmussen (August 11th): Obama 46%-McCain 41%
Rasmussen (July 14th): Obama 51%-McCain 41%
SUSA (June 21st): Obama 49%-McCain 45%

  • Idaho

ARG (September 17th): McCain 68%-Obama 25%
Rasmussen (Sep. 12th): McCain 68%-Obama 29%
Greg Smith & Associates (August 28th): McCain 52%-Obama 29%
Research 2000 (July 31st): McCain 53%-Obama 37%

  • Idaho Senate race

Research 2000 (Sept. 21st): Risch 56%-LaRocco 33%
Rasmussen (September 11th): Risch 58%-LaRocco 30%
Greg Smith & Associates (August 28th): Risch 41%-LaRocco 30%
Research 2000 (July 31st): Risch 48%-LaRocco 38%
LaRocco internal poll (July 2nd): Risch (R) 43%-LaRocco (D) 28%

  • Idaho’s first district (ID-01)

Minnick internal (Oct. 2nd): Minnick 44%-Sali 38%
Minnick internal (September 23rd): Minnick 43%-Sali 38%
Research 2000 (Sept. 21st): Sali (R) 46%-Minnick (D) 35%

  • Illinois

Rasmussen (Sept. 21st): Obama 54%-McCain 39%
Research 2000 (Sept. 21st): Obama 54%-McCain 39%
Big Ten (September 18th): Obama 53%-McCain 37%
ARG (September 17th): Obama 51%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (August 18th): Obama 53%-McCain 38%
Rasmussen (July 10th): Obama 52%-McCain 41%

  • Illinois, 6th district (IL-06)

Roskam internal (August 5th): Roskam (R) 59%-Morgenthaler (D) 29%

  • Illinois, 10th district (IL-10)

SUSA (Oct. 7th): Seals 52%-Kirk 44%
Kirk internal (September 15th): Kirk (R) 51%-Seals (D) 29%

  • Illinois, 11th district (IL-11)

Halvorson internal (September 23rd): Halvorson 43%-Ozinga 35%
Ozinga internal (September 23rd): Halvorson (D) 38%-Ozinga 36%

  • Illinois, 18th district (IL-18)

Schock internal (September 2nd): Schock (R) 56%-Callahan (D) 27%

  • Indiana

Research 2000 (Oct. 7th): Tie at 46%
CNN/Time (Oct. 7th): McCain 48%-Obama 46%-Barr 6%
Research 2000 (Oct. 2nd): McCain 46%-Obama 45%
SUSA (September 30th): McCain 49%-Obama 46%
Rasmussen (Sept. 19th): McCain 49%-Obama 47%
ARG (September 19th): McCain 47%-Obama 44%
Big Ten (September 18th): McCain 47%-Obama 43%
Selzer & Co (September 18th): Obama 47%-McCain 44%
CNN (September 17th): McCain 51%-Obama 45%
Howey-Gauge (Sep. 5th): McCain 45%-Obama 43%
Rasmussen (August 23rd): McCain 46%-Obama 42% (49-43 with leaners)
SUSA (August 19th): McCain 50%-Obama 44%
SUSA (June 24th): Obama 48%-McCain 47%

  • Indiana gubernatorial race

Research 2000 (Oct. 8th): Daniels 49%-Long Thompson 45%
Research 2000 (Oct. 2nd): Daniels 47%-Long Thompson 46%
SUSA (September 30th): Daniels 53%-Long Thompson 37%
Rasmussen (Sept. 19th): Daniels 56%-Long Thompson 40%
Selzer & Co (Sept. 19th): Daniels 46%-Long Thompson 42%
Howey-Gauge (Sep. 5th): Daniels 53%-Long Thompson 35%
SUSA (August 20th): Daniels 52%-Long Thompson 38%
Daniels internal (July 29th): Daniels 53%-Long Thompson 35%
SUSA (June 24th): Daniels (R) 50%-Long Thompson (D) 45

  • Indiana’s 3rd district (IN-03)

Montanago internal (Sep. 12th): Souder (R) 50%-Montagano (D) 37%

  • Indiana’s 9th district (IN-09)

SUSA (Oct. 7th): Hill 53%-Sodrel 38%
SUSA (Sep. 12th): Hill 51%-Sodrel 40%
SUSA (July 31st): Hill 49%-Sodrel 42%
SUSA (June 20th): Hill (D) 51%-Sodrel 40%

  • Kansas

Rasmussen (Sept. 23rd): McCain 58%-Obama 38%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 63%-Obama 31%
SUSA (August 22nd): McCain 58%-Obama 35%
Rasmussen (August 13th): McCain 52%-Obama 37%
Rasmussen (July 16th): McCain 52%-Obama 32%

  • Kansas Senate race

Rasmussen (Sept. 23rd): Roberts 58%-Slattery 38%
SUSA (August 22nd): Roberts 58%-Slattery 31%
Rasmussen (August 13th): Roberts 55%-Slattery 37%
Rasmussen (July 16th): Roberts 57%-Slattery 30%
Roberts internal (R) (July 8th): Roberts (R) 54%- Slattery (D) 34%

  • Kansas’s 2nd district (KS-02)

SUSA (August 25th): Boyda 50%-Jenkins 43%
Boyda internal (June 19th): Boyda (D) 57%-Jenkins (R) 27%

  • Kentucky

Rasmussen (Oct. 2nd): McCain 52%-Obama 42%
Mason Dixon (Sept. 29th): McCain 53%-Obama 41%
SUSA (Sept. 23rd): McCain 57%-Obama 38%
Research 2000 (Sept. 19th): McCain 55%-Obama 38%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 57%-Obama 37%
SUSA (August 12th): McCain 55%-Obama 37%
Research 2000 (July 31st): McCain 56%-Obama 35%
Rasmussen (July 31st): McCain 49%-Obama 39%
Rasmussen (June 27th): McCain 51%-Obama 35%

  • Kentucky Senate race

Research 2000 (Oct. 2nd): McConnell 51%-Lunsford 42%
Mason Dixon (Sept. 27th): McConnell 45%-Lunsford 44%
SUSA (September 23rd): McConnell 49%-Lunsford 46%
Research 2000 (Sept. 19th): McConnell 50%-Lunsford 37%
McConnell internal (Sept. 11th): McConnell 52%-Lunsford 35%
SUSA (August 12th): McConnell 52%-Lunsford 40%
Research 2000 (July 31st): McConnell 49%-Lunsford 38%
Rasmussen (July 31st): McConnell 50%- Lunsford 38%
Rasmussen (June 27th): McConnell 48%-Lunsford 41%
McConnell internal (June 19th): McConnell (R) 50%-Lunsford (D) 39%

  • Kentucky, 2nd district (KY-02)

SUSA (September 26th): Guthrie 49%-Boswell 43%
Boswell internal (September 4th): Boswell 41%-Guthrie 33%
SUSA (July 2nd): Boswell (D) 47%-Guthrie (R) 44%

  • Kentucky, 3rd district (KY-04)

SUSA (September 8th): Yarmuth 53%-Northup 45%
SUSA (July 22nd): Yarmuth (D) 53%-Northup (D) 43%

  • Kentucky, 4th district (KY-04)

SUSA (July 2nd): Davis (R) 54%-Kelley (D) 41%

  • Louisiana

Rasmussen (Sept 27th): McCain 55%-Obama 40%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 50%-Obama 43%
Rasmussen (August 19th): McCain 55%-Obama 38%
Rasmussen (July 14th): McCain 54%-Obama 34%
Southern Media (July 1st): McCain 52%-Obama 36%

  • Louisiana’s Senate race

Rasmussen (September 27th): Landrieu 54%-Kennedy 41%
Rasmussen (August 20th): Landrieu 53%-Kennedy 37%
Rasmussen (July 15th): Landrieu 51%-Kennedy 45%
Southern Media & Opinion (July 1st): Landrieu (D) 46%-Kennedy (R) 40

  • Louisiana’s 6th district (LA-06)

Cazayoux internal (Sept. 22nd): Cazayoux (D) 48%-Cassidy (R) 32%-Jackson (D) 9%

  • Maryland

ARG (Sept. 21st): Obama 54%-McCain 39%
Gonzalez Research Center (September 9th): Obama 52%-McCain 38%
Rasmussen (August 22nd): Obama 53%-McCain 43%

  • Maryland’s 1st district (MD-01)

DCCC internal (Sept. 19th): Tie at 36%
Harris internal poll (July 23rd): Harris (R) 44%-Kratovil (D) 28%

  • Massachusetts

Rasmussen (Sept. 25th): Obama 58%-McCain 38%
Rasmussen (August 7th): Obama 51%-McCain 36%
Suffolk (August 4th): Obama 47%-McCain 38%
Rasmussen (July 1st): Obama 55%-McCain 33%
SUSA (June 30th): Obama 53%-McCain 40%

  • Maine

Rasmussen (October 5th): Obama 51%-McCain 46%
SUSA (September 25th): Obama 49%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (Sept. 21st): Obama 50%-McCain 46%
ARG (September 17th): Obama 51%-McCain 41%
Research 2000 (Sept. 11th): Obama 52%-McCain 38%
Rasmussen (August 15th): Obama 49%-McCain 36%
Rasmussen (July 18th): Obama 46%-Obama 36%
Critical Insights (in field through June; released July 27th): Obama 51%-McCain 31%
Rasmussen (June 18th): Obama 55%-McCain 33%

  • Maine Senate race

Rasmussen (October 6th): Collins 53%-Allen 43%
DSCC internal (October 6th): Collins 49%-Allen 41%
SUSA (Sept. 25th): Collins 55%-Allen 39%
Rasmussen (Sept. 19th): Collins 55%-Allen 42%
Research 2000 (Sept. 11th): Collins 57%-Allen 36%
Rasmussen (August 15th): Collins 53%-Allen 38%
Rasmussen (July 18th): Collins 49%-Allen 42%
Critical Insights (in field through in June; released July 27th): Collins 51%-Allen 37%
Pan Atlantic SMS (July 8th): Collins (R) 56%-Allen (D) 31%
Rasmussen (June 18th): Collins (R) 49%-Allen (R) 42%

  • Michigan

PPP (October 2nd): Obama 51%-McCain 41%
EPIC-MRA (September 25th): Obama 48%-McCain 38%
Selzer & Co (September 25th): Obama 51%-McCain 38%
Strategic Vision (Sept. 25th): Obama 48%-McCain 45%
All State/National Journal (Sept. 25th): Obama 47%-McCain 39%
Mason Dixon (September 25th): Tie at 46%
CNN/Time (Sept. 24th): Obama 51%-McCain 46%
MRG Lassing (Sept. 24th): McCain 46%-Obama 43%
Quinnipiac (September 23rd): Obama 48%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (Sept. 22nd): Obama 51%-McCain 44%
EPIC-MRA (September 21st): Obama 43%-McCain 42%
ARG (September 21st): Obama 48%-McCain 46%
Marist (September 19th): Obama 52%-McCain 43%
Big Ten (September 18th): Obama 48%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (September 11th): Obama 51%-McCain 46%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 11th): McCain 45%-Obama 44%
CNN/Time (September 10th): Obama 49%-McCain 45%
Strategic Vision (September 9th): Obama 45%-McCain 44%
PPP (September 8th): Obama 47%-McCain 46%
EPIC-MRA (August 25th): Obama 43%-McCain 41%
Ann Selzer (August 22nd): Obama 46%-McCain 39%
Rasmussen (August 8th): Obama 47%-McCain 40% (49%-45% with leaners)
PPP (July 31st): Obama 46%-McCain 43%
Quinnipiac (July 24th): Obama 46%-McCain 42%
EPIC-MRA (July 22nd): Obama 43%-McCain 41%
Rasmussen (July 14th): Obama 47%-McCain 39%
Quinnipiac (June 27th): Obama 48%-McCain 42%
PPP (June 24th): Obama 47%-McCain 38%

  • Michigan’s 7th district (MI-07)

Schauer internal (Oct. 7th): Schauer 46%-Walberg 36%
Walberg internal (Sept 27th): Walberg 50%-Schauer 40%
Schauer internal (Sept. 25th): Schauer 42%-Walberg 36%
EPIC-MRA (August 26th): Walberg 43%-Schauer 40%
Walberg internal (July 29th): Walberg 47%-Schauer 31%
Schauer internal (taken in May; released July 29th): Walberg (R) 40%-Schauer (D) 37%

  • Michigan’s 9th district (MI-09)

EPIC-MRA (August 26th): Knollenberg (R) 43%-Peters (D) 36%-Goodman (L) 5%-Kevorkian 4%

  • Minnesota

Rasmussen (Oct. 8th): Obama 52%-McCain 45%
MN Public Radio (Oct. 7th): Obama 54%-McCain 40%
Star Tribune (October 5th): Obama 55%-McCain 37%
SUSA (October 3rd): McCain 48%-Obama 47%
(October 1st): Obama 54%-McCain 43%
Quinnipiac (September 23rd): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (Sept. 22nd): Obama 52%-McCain 44%
ARG (Sept. 22nd): Obama 48%-McCain 47%
Big Ten (September 18th): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
Star Tribune (September 15th): Obama 45%-McCain 45%
SUSA (September 13th): Obama 49%-McCain 47%
CNN (September 3rd): Obama 53%-McCain 41%
MN Public Radio (August 22nd): Obama 48%-McCain 38%-Nader 3%
SUSA (August 19th): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (August 14th): Obama 46%-McCain 42%
Quinnipiac (July 24th): Obama 46%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (July 23rd): Obama 49%-McCain 37%
Rasmussen (July 14th): Obama 54%-McCain 37%
Quinnipiac (June 27th): Obama 54%-McCain 37%

  • Minnesota Senate race

MN Public Radio (October 8th): Franken 41%-Coleman 37%
Star Tribune (Oct. 5th): Franken 43%-Coleman 33%
DSCC internal (October 3rd): Franken 38%-Coleman 36%-Barkley 12%
(October 3rd): Coleman 43%-Franken 43%-Barkley 19%
Quinnipiac (September 23rd):  Coleman 49%-Franken 42%
Rasmussen (Sept. 22nd): Coleman 48%-Franken 47%-Barkley 3%
Star Tribune (September 15th): Coleman 41%-Franken 37%
SUSA (September 13th): Coleman 41%-Franken 40%-Barkley 14%
MN Public Radio (August 22nd): Franken 41%-Coleman 40%
SUSA (August 18th): Coleman 46%-Franken 39%
Rasmussen (August 14th): Coleman 45%-Franken 45% (49% to 46% with leaners)
Quinnipiac (July 24th): Coleman 53%-Franken 38%
Rasmussen (July 23rd): Coleman 44%-Franken 43%; Franken 49%-Coleman 46% with leaners
SUSA (July 14th): Coleman 52%-Franken 39%
Rasmussen (July 14th) Franken 44%-Coleman 42%
Quinnipiac (June 26th): Coleman (R) 51%-Franken (D) 41%

  • Minnesota’s 1st district (MN-01)

Davis internal (September 23rd): Walz (D) 50%-Davis (R) 32%

  • Minnesota’s 3rd district (MN-03)

DCCC internal (Oct. 6th): Media 47%-Paulsen 41%-Dillon (IP) 8%
SUSA (September 2nd): Paulsen (R) 44%-Media (D) 41%

  • Mississippi

Rasmussen (October 1st): McCain 52%-Obama 44%
Research 2000 (Sept. 11th): McCain 56%-Obama 38%
Rasmussen (August 23rd): McCain 54%-Obama 41%
Rasmussen (July 31st): McCain 52%-Obama 41%
Research 2000 (July 24th): McCain 51%-Obama 42%
Rasmussen (June 27th): McCain 50%-Obama 44%

  • Mississippi Senate race

Rasmussen (October 1st): Wicker 49%-Musgrove 47%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 26th): Wicker 48%-Musgrove 43%
Research 2000 (Sept. 11th): Wicker 48%-Musgrove 43%
Rasmussen (August 23rd): Wicker 47%-Musgrove 42% (52-43 with leaners)
Rasmussen (July 31st): Wicker 48%-Musgrove 42% (52-43 with leaners)
Research 2000 (July 24th): Wicker 45%-Musgrove 44%
Rasmussen (June 26th): Wicker (R) 47%-Musgrove (D) 46%

  • Mississippi’s 1st district

Childers internal (Sept. 16th): Childers (D) 51%-Davis (R) 39%

  • Missouri

Rasmussen (October 6th): Obama 50%-McCain 47%
(October 1st): Obama 48%-McCain 47%
SUSA (September 26th): McCain 48%-Obama 46%
Research 2000 (Sept. 26th): McCain 47%-Obama 46%
Research 2000 (Sept. 21st): McCain 49%-Obama 45%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 50%-Obama 45%
Rasmussen (Sept. 12th): McCain 51%-Obama 46%
CNN/Time (Sept. 10th): McCain 50%-Obama 45%
PPP (August 20th): McCain 50%-Obama 40%
Rasmussen (August 8th): McCain 48%-Obama 41% (50%-44% with leaners)
SUSA (August 1st): McCain 45%-Obama 40% (48% to 42% with leaners)
Research 2000 (July 12th): Obama 48%-McCain 43
Rasmussen (July 9th): McCain 47%-Obama 42%
PPP (July 9th): McCain 49%-Obama 46%
SUSA (June 27th): McCain 50%-Obama 43%

  • Missouri gubernatorial race

Research 2000 (Sept. 24th): Nixon 50%-Hulshof 43%
Rasmussen (Sept. 12th): Nixon 54%-Hulshof 37%
PPP (August 20th): Nixon 48%-Hulshof 42%
Rasmussen (August 11th): Nixon 51%-Hulshof 39%
SUSA (August 1st): Nixon 48%-Hulshof 42%
Research 2000 (July 15th): Nixon 52%-Hulshof 35%
Rasmussen (July 9th): Nixon (D) 49%-Hulshof (R) 38%

  • Missouri’s 6th district (MO-06)

SUSA (Sept. 21st): Graves 51%-Barnes 42%
SUSA (August 1st): Graves (R) 48%-Barnes (D) 44%

  • Missouri’s 9th district (MO-09)

Research 2000 (Sept. 22nd): Luetkemeyer 49%-Baker 40%
SUSA (September 4th): Luetkemeyer 50%-Baker 38%
Baker internal (August 22nd): Baker (D) 41%-Luetkemeyer (R) 39%

  • Montana

Rasmussen (Oct. 2nd): McCain 52%-Obama 44%
Research 2000 (Sept. 26th): McCain 52%-Obama 39%
CNN/Time (Sept. 24th): McCain 54%-Obama 43%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 49%-Obama 47%
Rasmussen (Sept. 9th): McCain 53%-Obama 42%
Rasmussen (July 31st): McCain 45%-Obama 44% (47%-47% with leaners)
Rasmussen (July 3rd): Obama 48% -McCain 43%

  • Nebraska

Rasmussen (Oct. 2nd): McCain 56%-Obama 37%
ARG (September 18th): McCain 60%-Obama 34%
Dem internal, only in NE-02 (August 20th): McCain 46%-Obama 42%
Rasmussen (July 31st): McCain 50%-Obama 32%
Rasmussen (June 27th): McCain 52%-Obama 36%

  • Nebraska Senate race

Rasmussen (Oct. 2nd): Johanns 52%-Kleeb 38%
Rasmussen (July 31st): Johanns 56%-Kleeb 31%
Rasmussen (June 24th): Johanns (R) 60%-Kleeb (D) 33%

  • Nebraska’s 2nd district (NE-02)

Esch internal (August 20th): Terry (R) 47%-Esch (D) 38

  • Nevada

Research 2000 (Oct. 7th): Obama 50%-McCain 43%
Insider Advantage (Oct. 7th): Obama 49%-McCain 47%
Rasmussen (October 3rd): Obama 51%-McCain 47%
Insider Advantage
(Oct. 1st): Obama 48%-McCain 47%
CNN/Time (October 1st): Obama 51%-McCain 47%
ARG (September 30th): McCain 49%-Obama 47%
Grove Insight (D) (September 24th): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
Suffolk (Sept. 22nd): McCain 46%-Obama 45%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 49%-Obama 46%
Rasmussen (Sept. 13th): McCain 49%-Obama 46%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 12th): McCain 46%-Obama 45%
CNN (August 27th): Obama 49%-McCain 44%
Mason Dixon (August 24th): McCain 46%-Obama 39%
Research 2000 (August 22nd): Obama 44%-McCain 43%
Rasmussen (August 13th): McCain 45%-Obama 42%
Rasmussen (July 17th): Obama 42%-McCain 40%
Rasmussen (June 21st): McCain 45%-Obama 42%

  • Nevada’s 2nd district (NV-02)

Research 2000 (Oct. 8th): Heller 48%-Derby 41%
Research 2000 (August 23rd): Heller (R) 47%-Derby (D) 42%

  • Nevada’s 3rd district (NV-03)

Porter internal (September 27th): Porter 41%-Titus 39%
Titus internal (September 26th): Titus (D) 46%-Porter (R) 37%
Titus internal (July 31st): Titus (D) 43%-Porter (R) 39%

  • New Hampshire

CNN/Time (Oct. 7th): Obama 51%-McCain 43%-Barr 3%-Nader 2%
SUSA (October 6th): Obama 53%-McCain 40%
St. Anselm (October 3rd): Obama 49%-McCain 37%
Research 2000 (Sept. 26th): Obama 48%-McCain 44%
Suffolk (September 25th): Obama 46%-McCain 45%
National Journal (Sept. 25th): Obama 44%-McCain 43%
Strategic Vision (Sept. 25th): Obama 46%-McCain 45%
Marist (September 24th): Obama 51%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (Sept. 24th):  McCain 49%-Obama 47%
UNH (Sepember 22nd): McCain 47%-Obama 45%
ARG (September 18th): McCain 48%-Obama 45%
CNN/Time (Sept. 10th): Obama 51%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (August 22nd): Obama 43%-McCain 42%
ARG (August 22nd): Obama 46%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (July 24th): Obama 47%-McCain 41%
ARG (July 22nd): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
UNH (July 21st): Obama 46%-McCain 43%
Rasmussen (June 21st): Obama 50%-McCain 39%
ARG (June 18th): Obama 51%-McCain 39%

  • New Hampshire’s Senate race

SUSA (October 6th): Shaheen 48%-Sununu 40%
Rasmussen (October 3rd): Shaheen 50%-Sununu 45%
Research 2000
(Sept. 26th): Shaheen 50%-Sununu 41%
Suffolk (Sept. 26th): Shaheen 41%-Sununu 40%
Rasmussen (Sept. 24th): Sununu 52%-Shaheen 45%
UNH (September 23rd): Shaheen 48%-Sununu 44%
ARG (September 18th): Shaheen 52%-Sununu 40%
NRSC internal (Sept. 8th): Shaheen 46%-Sununu 44%
ARG (August 22nd): Shaheen 52%-Sununu 41%
Rasmussen (August 20th): Shaheen 51%-Sununu 40%
Rasmussen (July 24th): Shaheen 50%-Sununu 45%
UNH (July 23rd): Shaheen 46%-Sununu 42%
ARG (July 22nd): Shaheen 58%-Sununu 36%
Rasmussen (June 20th): Shaheen 53%-Sununu 39%
ARG (June 18th): Shaheen (D) 54%-Sununu (R) 40%

  • New Hampshire’s 1st district (NH-01)

St. Anselm (Oct. 8th): Shea Porter 42%-Bradley 35%
SUSA (Oct. 7th): Shea Porter 50%-Bradley 41%
Research 2000 (Sept. 26th): Shea Porter 44%-Bradley 43%
UNH (Sept. 25th): Bradley 45%-Shea Porter 42%
UNH (July 23rd): Bradley (R) 46%-Shea Porter (D) 40%

  • New Hampshire’s 2nd district (NH-02)

Research 2000 (Sept. 26th): Hodes 47%-Horn 43%
UNH (July 23rd): Hodes 43% (D)-Horn (R) 23%

  • New Jersey

Farleigh Dickinson (Oct. 8th): Obama 53%-McCain 40%
SUSA (October 1st): Obama 52%-McCain 42%
Strategic Vision (Sept. 30th): Obama 48%-McCain 39%
ARG (Sept. 22nd): Obama 51%-McCain 42%
Rasmussen (September 18th): Obama 55%-McCain 42%
Strategic Vision (September 18th): Obama 47%-McCain 43%
Monmouth University (Sept. 16th): Obama 49%-McCain 41%
Quinnipiac (September 16th): Obama 48%-McCain 45%
Research 2000 (September 15th): Obama 52%-McCain 40%
Marist (September 12th): Obama 47%-McCain 40%
Farleigh Dickinson (Sept. 9th): Obama 47%-McCain 41%
Quinnipiac (August 13th): Obama 51%-McCain 41%
Rasmussen (August 5th): Obama 48%-McCain 40%
Monmouth Univ. (July 23rd): Obama 50%-McCain 36%
Strategic Vision (July 17th): Obama 47%-McCain 38%
Rasmussen (July 9th): Obama 44%-McCain 39%
Fairleigh Dickinson (June 27th): Obama 49%-McCain 33%

  • New Jersey Senate

Rasmussen (Sept. 19th): Lautenberg 49%-Zimmer 42%
Quinnipiac (Sept. 17th): Lautenberg 48%-Zimmer 39%
Marist (September 12th): Lautenberg 51%-Zimmer 40%
Zogby (August 20th): Lautenberg 50%-Zimmer 32%
Club for Growth (August 14th): Zimmer 36%-Lautenberg 35%
Quinnipiac (August 12th): Lautenberg 48%-Zimmer 41%
Rasmussen (August 5th): Lautenberg 51%-Zimmer 33%
Monmouth Univ. (July 24th): Lautenberg 44%-Zimmer 34%
Rasmussen (July 9th): Lautenberg 49%-Zimmer 36%
Fairleigh Dickinson (June 26th): Lautenberg (D) 45%-Zimmer (R) 28%

  • New Jersey’s 3rd district (NJ-03)

Monmouth Univ. (Oct. 8th): Myers 44%-Adler 41%
Zogby (September 29th): Myers (R) 39%-Adler (D) 37%

  • New Jersey’s 5th district (NJ-05)

Research 2000 (Sept. 22nd): Garrett 49%-Shulman 34%

  • New Jersey’s 7th district (NJ-07)

Monmouth University (Oct. 5th): Lance 43%-Stender 39%
Stender internal (Sept. 11th): Stender 36%-Lance 33%
Lance internal (July 17th): Lance (R) 42%-Stender (D) 35%

  • New Mexico

SUSA (October 2nd): Obama 52%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (October 2nd): Obama 49%-McCain 44%
PPP (Sept. 22nd): Obama 53%-McCain 42%
SUSA (Sept. 18th): Obama 52%-McCain 44%
All State/National Journal (Sept. 18th): Obama 49%-McCain 42%
ARG (September 17th): Obama 51%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (September 10th): McCain 49%-Obama 47%
SUSA, NM-01 only (Sept. 3rd): Obama 55%-McCain 41% (+3 Kerry in 04)
CNN (August 27th): Obama 53%-McCain 40%
Mason Dixon (August 24th): McCain 45%-Obama 41%
Rasmussen (August 22nd): Obama 47%-McCain 41%
Rasmussen (July 27th): Obama 46%-McCain 41%
SUSA (June 24th): Obama 49%-McCain 46%
Rasmussen (June 23rd): Obama 47%-McCain 39%

  • New Mexico Senate race

Rasmussen (Oct. 2nd): Udall 54%-Pearce 39%
SUSA (Oct. 2nd): Udall 58%-Pearce 39%
PPP (Sept. 22nd): Udall 57%-Pearce 37%
SUSA (Sept. 18th): Udall 56%-Pearce 41%
DSCC (September 17th): Udall 57%-Pearce 41%
Rasmussen (September 10th): Udall 51%-Pearce 44%
Rasmussen (August 22nd): Udall 51%-Pearce 41% (52-44 with leaners)
Rasmussen (July 27th): Udall 59%-Pearce 34%
Rasmussen (June 23rd): Udall (D) 58%-Pearce 30%

  • New Mexico, 1st district (NM-01)

Heinrich internal (September 26th): Heinrich 48%-White 42%
SUSA (September 3rd): Heinrich 51%-White 46%
White internal (July 29th): White 47%-Heinrich 41%
Heinrich internal (July 9th): Heinrich (D) 47%-White (R) 44%

Research 2000 (October 3rd): Teague 47%-Tinsley 43%
Teague internal
(October 1st): Teague 46%-Tinsley 41%

  • New York

SUSA (Sept. 25th): Obama 55%-McCain 39%
ARG (September 17th): Obama 55%-McCain 38%
Rasmussen (September 17th): Obama 55%-McCain 42%
Siena (September 15th): Obama 46%-McCain 41%
Siena (August 18th): Obama 47%-McCain 39%
Rasmussen (August 7th): Obama 55%-McCain 36%
Quinnipiac (August 7th): Obama 57%-McCain 36%
Siena (August 4th): Obama 44%-McCain 26%
Rasmussen (July 2nd): Obama 52%-McCain 35%
SUSA (July 1st): Obama 57%-McCain 37%

  • New York’s 26th district (NY-26)

SUSA (September 26th): Lee 48%-Kryzan 37%-Powers 5%
DCCC internal (September 23rd): Kryzan (D) 39%-Lee (R) 29%

  • New York’s 29th district (NY-29)

SUSA (Oct. 7th): Massa 51%-Kuhl 44%
DCCC internal (October 6th): Massa (D) 47%-Kuhl (R) 41%

  • North Carolina

SUSA (Oct. 8th): McCain 49%-Obama 46%
(Oct. 7th): Obama 49%-McCain 48%-Barr 2%
PPP (October 6th): Obama 50%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (October 2nd): Obama 50%-McCain 47%
ARG (September 30th): McCain 49%-Obama 46%
PPP (September 29th):  Obama 47%-McCain 45%-Barr 3%
Rasmussen (September 25th): Obama 49%-McCain 47%
Civitas (September 23rd): Tie at 45%
Rasmussen (Sept. 22nd): McCain 50%-Obama 47%
PPP (Sept. 21st): Tie at 46%, Barr at 5%
CNN (September 17th): McCain 48%-Obama 47%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 52%-Obama 41%
Civitas (September 11th): McCain 47%-Obama 44%
Research 2000 (Sept. 11th): McCain 55%-Obama 38%
PPP (September 10th): McCain 48%-Obama 44%
Perdue internal (Sept. 10th): McCain 48%-Obama 45%
SUSA (September 9th): McCain 58%-Obama 38%
Greenberg (D) (Sept. 3rd): McCain 47%-Obama 44%-Barr 3%
PPP (August 26th): McCain 45%-Obama 42%
Insider Advantage (Aug. 22nd): McCain 45%-Obama 43%
Civitas (August 19th): McCain 46%-Obama 40%
Rasmussen (August 15th): McCain 48%-Obama 44%
SUSA (August 13th): McCain 49%-Obama 45%
Research 2000 (August 1st): McCain 47%-Obama 44%
PPP (July 29th): McCain 47%-Obama 44%
Civitas (July 21st): McCain 43%-Obama 40%-Barr 2%
Rasmussen (July 17th): McCain 45%-Obama 42%
SUSA (July 16th): McCain 50%-Obama 45%
PPP (July 1st): McCain 45%-Obama 41%

  • North Carolina’s Senate race

SUSA (October 8th): Dole 44%-Hagan 43%
PPP (October 6th): Hagan 49%-Dole 40%-Cole 5%
(September 29th):  Hagan 46%-Dole 38%-Cole 6%
Rasmussen (Sept. 25th): Hagan 48%-Dole 45%
Civitas (September 23rd): Dole 43%-Hagan 41%
Rasmussen (Sept. 22nd): Hagan 51%-Dole 45%
PPP (Sept. 21st): Hagan 46%-Dole 41%
Research 2000 (Sept. 11th): Dole 48%-Hagan 42%
PPP (September 10th): Hagan 43%-Dole 42%
Perdue internal (Sept. 10th): Dole 48%-Hagan 46%
SUSA (September 10th): Dole 48%-Hagan 40%
Greenberg (D) (Sept. 3rd): Hagan 45%-Dole 40%
PPP (August 26th): Hagan 42%-Dole 39%-Cole 5%
Civitas (August 22nd): Dole 44%-Hagan 41%
Insider Advantage (August 20th): Tied at 40%
SUSA (August 13th): Dole 46%-Hagan 41%-Cole (L) 7%
Research 2000 (August 1st): Dole 50%-Hagan 42%
PPP (July 29th): Dole 49%-Hagan 40%
Civitas (July 21st): Dole 47%-Hagan 38%
Rasmussen (July 17th): Dole 53%- Hagan 41%
SUSA (July 16th): Dole 54%-Hagan 42%
PPP (July 1st): Dole 51%-Hagan 37%
Civitas (June 18th): Dole (R) 48%-Hagan (D) 38%

  • North Carolina’s gubernatorial race

SUSA (October 8th): McCrory 46%-Perdue 45%
PPP (Oct. 7th): Perdue 46%-McCrory 43%
Rasmussen (Oct. 2nd): McCrory 50%-Perdue 46%
PPP (Sept. 30th): McCrory 44%-Perdue 41%
PPP (September 24th): Perdue 44%-McCrory 43%
Civitas (September 24th): McCrory 43%-Perdue 41%
Civitas (September 12th): Perdue 41%-McCrory 40%
Research 2000 (Sept. 11th): McCrory 47%-Perdue 42%
PPP (September 10th): Perdue 41%-McCrory 40%
Perdue internal (Sept. 10th): Perdue 48%-McCrory 45%
SUSA (September 10th): McCrory 49%-Perdue 41%
Greenberg (D) (Sept. 3rd): Perdue 46%-McCrory 46%
PPP (August 27th): Perdue 42%-McCrory 37%
Civitas (August 22nd): Perdue 43%-McCrory 41%
Rasmussen (August 15th): Perdue 51%-McCrory 45%
SUSA (August 13th): Perdue 47%-McCrory 44%-Munger (L) 5%
PPP (July 31st): Perdue 46%-McCrory 37%
Civitas (July 18th): Perdue 43%-McCrory 40%
SUSA (July 16th): Perdue 47%-McCrory 46%
PPP (July 2nd): Perdue (D) 42%-McCrory (R) 41%

  • North Carolina, 8th district (NC-08)

SUSA (Oct. 7th): Kissell 49%-Hayes 41%
Hayes internal (Oct. 2nd): Hayes 46%-Kissell 43%
DCCC poll (Oct. 2nd): Kissell 54%-Hayes 43%
PPP (September 2nd): Hayes 44%-Kissel 39%
Hayes internal (August 15th): Hayes 50%-Kissell 40%
PPP (July 8th): Hayes 43%-Kissell 36%
Kissel internal, Anzalone Liszt (June 18th): Kissell (D) 45%-Hayes (R) 43%

  • North Carolina, 10th district (NC-10)

PPP (June 26th): McHenry (R) 49%-Johnson 38%.

  • North Dakota

Research 2000 (Sept. 21st): McCain 53%-Obama 40%
ARG (September 19th): McCain 53%-Obama 42%
Rasmussen (Sept. 10th): McCain 55%-Obama 41%
DFM Research (Sept. 4th): Obama 43%-McCain 40%
Research 2000 (July 24th): McCain 45%-Obama 42%
Rasmussen (July 10th): McCain 47%-Obama 46%

  • Ohio

PPP (Oct. 7th): Obama 49%-McCain 43%
CNN/Time (Oct. 7th): Obama 50%-McCain 47%-Nader 3%-Barr 2%
ABC/Washington Post (Oct. 6th): Obama 51%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (October 6th): McCain 48%-Obama 47%
Columbus Dispatch, mail-in (Oct. 5th): Obama 49%-McCain 42%
Democracy Corps
(Oct. 2nd): Obama 49%-McCain 43%
Quinnipiac (October 1st): Obama 50%-McCain 42%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 30th): Obama 49%-McCain 46%
SUSA (September 30th): McCain 48%-Obama 47%
Rasmussen (September 29th): McCain 48%-Obama 47%
Rasmussen (Sept. 25th): McCain 47%-Obama 46%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 23rd): Tie at 46%
Rasmussen (Sept. 22nd): McCain 50%-Obama 46%
Marist (September 19th): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
Big Ten (September 18th): Obama 46%-McCain 45%
All State/National Journal (Sept. 18th): McCain 42%-Obama 41%
CNN (September 17th): Obama 49%-McCain 47%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 50%-Obama 44%
PPP (September 16th): McCain 48%-Obama 44%
SUSA (September 15th): McCain 49%-Obama 45%
Rasmussen (Sept. 15th): McCain 48%-Obama 45%
Suffolk (September 15th): McCain 46%-Obama 42%
Univ. of Cincinnati (Sept. 12th): McCain 48%-Obama 44%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 11th): McCain 48%-Obama 47%
Strategic Vision (Sept. 11th): McCain 48%-Obama 44%
Quinnipiac (September 11th): Obama 49%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (September 8th): McCain 51%-Obama 44%
CNN (September 3rd): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
Akron University (August 27th): Obama 40%-McCain 40%
Quinnipiac (August 26th): Obama 44%-McCain 43%
Columbus Dispatch (August 25th): McCain 42%-Obama 41%
Rasmussen (August 20th): McCain 45%-Obama 41%
PPP (August 18th): Tie at 45%
Quinnipiac (July 31st): Obama 46%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (July 22nd): McCain 46%-Obama 40%
PPP (July 21st): Obama 48%-McCain 40%
SUSA (June 27th): Obama (D) 48%-McCain (R) 46%
Rasmussen (June 18th): McCain 44%-Obama 43%
Quinnipiac (June 18th): Obama 48%-McCain 42%

  • Ohio, 1st district (OH-01)

Research 2000 (Oct. 7th): Driehaus 46%-Chabot 44%
SUSA (September 23rd): Chabot 46%-Driehaud 44%
Internal for Chabot (July 17th): Chabot (R) 50%-Driehaud (D) 37%

  • Ohio, 2nd district (OH-02)

Research 2000 (Oct. 5th): Schmidt 46%-Wulsin 39%
SUSA (September 23rd): Schmidt 48%-Wulsin 40%
Wulsin internal poll (June 30th): Schmidt (R) 41%-Wulsin (D) 33%

  • Ohio, 15th district (OH-15)

SUSA (September 23rd): Kilroy 47%-Stivers 42%
SUSA (August 5th): Kilroy (D) 47%-Stivers (R) 44%

  • Ohio, 16th district (OH-16)

Research 2000 (Oct. 7th): Boccieri 46%-Schuring 44%
SUSA (September 23rd): Boccieri 49%-Schuring 41%
Schuring internal poll (July 15th): Schuring (R) 40%-Boccieri 34%

  • Oklahoma

SUSA (October 1st): McCain 64%-Obama 34%
ARG (September 19th): McCain 61%-Obama 34%
Rasmussen (Sept. 12th): McCain 63%-Obama 32%
SUSA (September 9th): McCain 62%-Obama 41%
Sooner poll (August 4th): McCain 56%-Obama 24%

  • Oklahoma Senate race

TVPoll (October 8th): Inhofe 53%-Rice 40%
Rasmussen (October 1st): Inhofe 53%-Rice 37%
Research 2000 (Sept. 22nd): Inhofe 56%-Rice 34%
Rasmussen (Sept. 19th): Inhofe 55%-Rice 39%
SUSA (September 10th): Inhofe 56%-Rice 34%
DSCC internal (August 18th): Inhofe 50%-Rice 41%
Sooner poll (August 4th): Inhofe (R) 52%-Rice (D) 30%

  • Oregon

Research 2000 (Sept. 26th): Obama 53%-McCain 39%
SUSA (September 25th): Obama 52%-McCain 41%
ARG (September 23rd): Obama 52%-McCain 41%
Hibbitts & Midghall (Sept. 18th): Obama 53%-McCain 41%
Rasmussen (Sept. 17th): Obama 51%-McCain 47%
Moore insight (Sept. 16th): Obama 43%-McCain 37%
Hoffman Research (Sept. 12th): Obama 46%-McCain 39%
Rasmussen (August 11th): Obama 47%-McCain 37%
SUSA (August 7th): Obama 48%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (July 16th): Obama 46%-McCain 37%
SUSA (June 24rd): Obama 48%-McCain 45%

  • Oregon Senate race

Research 2000 (September 26th):  Merkley 45%-Smith 40%
SUSA (September 25th): Merkley 44%-Smith 42%
Hibbitts & Midghall (Sept. 18th): Smith 42%-Merkley 39%
Rasmussen (September 17th): Smith 46%-Merkley 45%
Merkley internal (Sept. 12th): Merkley 43%-Smith 41%
Rasmussen (August 11th): Smith 47%-Merkley 39% (50%-44% with leaners)
SUSA (August 5th): Smith 49%-Merkley 37%
Rasmussen (July 16th): Merkley 43%-Smith 41%
Chamber of Commerce (R) (June 26th): Smith (R) 38%-Merkley (D) 34%

  • Pennsylvania

SUSA (October 7th): Obama 55%-McCain 40%
West Chester University/NPR (Oct. 7th): Obama 52%-McCain 42%
Rasmussen (October 7th): Obama 54%-McCain 40%
Muhlenberg College tracking (Oct. 5th): Obama 50%-McCain 40%
(October 1st): Obama 54%-McCain 39%
Franklin Marshall (October 1st): Obama 54%-McCain 39%
Muhlenberg College tracking (Sept. 30th): Obama 49%-McCain 41%
Rasmussen (September 29th): Obama 50%-McCain 42%
Muhlenberg College tracking (Sept. 29th): Obama 49%-McCain 42%
Muhlenberg College tracking (Sept. 26th): Obama 47%-McCain 43%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 25th): Obama 43%-McCain 41%
Rasmussen (Sept. 25th): Obama 49%-McCain 45%
SUSA (September 25th): Obama 50%-McCain 44%
CNN/Time (Sept. 24th): Obama 53%-McCain 44%
Strategic Vision (Sept. 24th): Obama 47%-McCain 46%
ARG (September 23rd): Obama 50%-McCain 46%
Mason Dixon (Sept. 22nd): Obama 46%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (Sept. 22nd): Obama 48%-McCain 45%
Marist (September 19th): Obama 49%-McCain 44%
Big Ten (September 18th): Tie at 45%
Rasmussen (September 15th): Tie at 47%
Quinnipiac (September 11th): Obama 48%-McCain 45%
Strategic Vision (Sept. 10th): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (September 8th): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
CNN/Time (August 27th): Obama 48%-McCain 43%
Quinnipiac (August 26th): Obama 49%-McCain 42%
Rasmussen (August 22nd): Obama 45%-McCain 40%
Susquehanna (August 19th): Obama 46%-McCain 41%
Franklin & Marshall (August 13th): Obama 46%-McCain 41%
Quinnipiac (July 31st): Obama 49%-McCain 42%
Strategic Vision (July 29th): Obama 49%-McCain 40%
Rasmussen (July 27th): Obama 47%-McCain 42%
Rasmussen (June 23rd): Obama 46%-McCain 42%
Quinnipiac (June 18th): Obama 52%-McCain 40%

  • Pennsylvania, 3rd district (PA-03)

SUSA (October 1st): Dahlkemper 49%-English 45%
Dahlkemper internal poll (July 15th): Dahlkemper (D) 41%-English (R) 40%

  • Pennsylvania, 4th district (PA-04)

SUSA (Oct. 7th): Altmire 54%-Hart 42%
Hart internal (September 10th): Altmire (D) 49%-Hart (R) 44%

  • Pennsylvania, 10th district (PA-10)

Carney internal (October 3rd): Carney 50%-Hackett 36%
Lycoming College (September 29th): Carney 46%-Hackett 36%
Carney internal (August 28th): Carney 54%-Hackett 27%
SUSA (August 27th): Carney (D) 49%-Hackett (R) 45%

  • Pennsylvania, 11th district (PA-11)

Barletta internal (October 7th): Barletta 47%-Kanjorski 39%
Franklin & Marshall (September 17th): Barletta 44%-Kanjorski 35%
DCCC internal (September 17th): Kanjorski 48%-Barletta 39%
Barletta internal (August 7th): Barletta 45%-Kanjorski 41%
Barletta internal (June 20th): Barletta (R) 47%-Kanjorski (D) 42%

  • Rhode Island

Rasmussen (Sept. 17th): Obama 58%-McCain 39%
ARG (September 17th): Obama 59%-McCain 33%
Univ. of RI (August 27th): Obama 51%-McCain 30%
Rasmussen (July 6th): Obama 55%-McCain 33%

  • South Carolina

Research 2000 (Sept. 26th): McCain 54%-Obama 39%
SUSA (Sept. 24th): McCain 58%-Obama 39%
Rasmussen (Sept. 21st): McCain 51%-Obama 45%
ARG (September 18th): McCain 59%-Obama 37%
PPP (July 15th): McCain 45%-Obama 39%-Barr 5%

  • South Dakota

ARG (Sept. 22nd): McCain 55%-Obama 39%
Rasmussen (Sept. 13th): McCain 54%-Obama 37%
Rasmussen (July 14th): McCain 47%-Obama 43%

  • Tennessee

Rasmussen (October 1st): McCain 58%-Obama 39%
Mason Dixon (Sept. 29th): McCain 55%-Obama 39%
ARG (Sept. 21st): McCain 59%-Obama 36%
Rasmussen (August 23rd): McCain 56%-Obama 32%

  • Texas

Rasmussen (October 1st): McCain 50%-Obama 41%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 57%-Obama 36%
Rasmussen (August 26th): McCain 50%-Obama 41%
Univ. of Texas (August 14th): McCain 43%-Obama 33%-Barr 5%-Nader 2% [though Nader is not on the ballot]
Rasmussen (July 31st): McCain 50%-Obama 41% (52-44 with leaners)
Rasmussen (June 27th): McCain 48%-Obama 39%
Lyceum (June 27th): McCain 43%-Obama 38%

  • Texas Senate race

Rasmussen (October 1st): Cornyn 50%-Noriega 43%
Rasmussen (August 25th): Cornyn 48%-Noriega 37%
Univ. of Texas (August 14th): Cornyn 44%-Noriega 31%
Rasmussen (August 1st): Cornyn 47%-Noriega 37%
Rasmussen (June 27th): Cornyn 48%-Noriega 39%
Lyceum (June 26th): Cornyn (R) 38%-Noriega (D) 36%

  • Texas’s 7th district (TX-07)

Skelly internal (September 16th): Culberson (R) 44%-Skelly (D) 37%

  • Texas’s 10th district (TX-10)

Doherty internal (Oct. 2nd): McCaul (R) 43%-Doherty (D) 38%

  • Texas’s 32nd district (TX-32)

Roberson internal poll (June 23rd): Sessions (R) 52%-Roberson 42%

  • Tennessee

Ayres McHenry (R) (August 18th): McCain 53%-Obama 38%
Rasmussen (June 27th): McCain 51%-Obama 36%

  • Utah

ARG (September 17th): McCain 65%-Obama 29%
Deseret (September 15th): McCain 68%-Obama 24%
Rasmussen (Sept. 15th): McCain 64%-Obama 32%
Mason Dixon (August 24th): McCain 62%-Obama 23%
Deseret (June 23rd): McCain 57%-Obama 29%
Rasmussen (June 23rd): McCain 52%-Obama 33%

  • Vermont

Rasmussen (September 18th): Obama 60%-McCain 36%
Research 2000 (September 16th): Obama 55%-McCain 36%

  • Virginia

SUSA (October 6th): Obama 53%-McCain 43%
Suffolk (October 6th): Obama 51%-McCain 39%
Rasmussen (October 6th): Obama 50%-McCain 48%
Mason Dixon (October 2nd): McCain 48%-Obama 45%
CNN/Time (October 1st): Obama 53%-McCain 44%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 30th): Obama 51%-McCain 45%
ARG (September 30th): McCain 49%-Obama 46%
Rasmussen (September 29th): Obama 50%-McCain 47%
Rasmussen (Sept. 26th): Obama 50%-McCain 45%
Mason Dixon (Sept. 24th): McCain 50%-Obama 46%
SUSA (September 22nd): Obama 51%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (Sept. 22nd): McCain 50%-Obama 48%
ABC/WaPo (Sept. 22nd): Obama 49%-McCain 46% (LV); 50%-44% (RV)
ARG (September 22nd): McCain 48%-Obama 46%
Insider Advantage (Sept. 18th): McCain 48%-Obama 46%
All State/National Journal (Sept. 18th): McCain 47%-Obama 44%
PPP (September 17th): Obama 48%-McCain 46%
Rasmussen (September 15th): Obama 48%-McCain 48%
SUSA (September 15th): Obama 50%-McCain 46%
CNN/Time (September 10th): McCain 50%-Obama 46%
Rasmussen (September 8th): McCain 49%-Obama 47%
SUSA (September 8th): McCain 49%-Obama 47%
PPP (August 25th): Obama 47%-McCain 45%
Rasmussen (August 13th): Obama 45%-44% (McCain 48%-47% with leaners)
Insider Advantage (August 13th): McCain 43%-Obama 43%
SUSA (August 11th): McCain 48%-Obama 47%
PPP (July 23rd): Obama 46%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (July 18th): Tie at 44% (McCain 47%-46% with leaners)
SUSA (June 30th): Obama 49%-McCain 47%
PPP (June 18th): Obama 47%-McCain 45%

  • Virginia Senate race

SUSA (September 23rd): Warner 57%-Gilmore 34%
PPP (September 17th): Warner 57%-Gilmore 33%
SUSA (September 15th): Warner 57%-Gilmore 34%
SUSA (September 8th): Warner 56%-Gilmore 35%
PPP (August 25th): Warner 55%-Gilmore 32%
Rasmussen (August 14th): Warner 59%-Gilmore 33%
SUSA (August 11th): Warner 58%-Gilmore 34%
PPP (July 23rd): Warner 57%-Gilmore 32%
PPP (June 18th): Warner (D) 59%-Gilmore (R) 28%

  • Virginia’s 2nd district (VA-02)

Nye internal (Sept. 25th): Drake (R) 45%-Nye (D) 40%

  • Virginia’s 5th district (VA-05)

SUSA (Oct. 8th): Goode 55%-Perriello 42%
SUSA (August 13th): Goode (R) 64%- Perriello (D) 30%

  • Virginia’s 11th district (VA-11)

Internal for Connolly (July 17th): Connolly (D) 52%-Fimian (R) 21%

  • Washington

Rasmussen (October 3rd): Obama 53%-McCain 43%
(September 24th): Obama 54%-McCain 43%
ARG (September 19th): Obama 50%-McCain 44%
Strategic Vision (September 18th): Obama 47%-McCain 42%
Rasmussen (September 12th): Obama 49%-McCain 47%
SUSA (September 8th): Obama 49%-McCain 45%
SUSA (August 13th): Obama 51%-McCain 44%
Rasmussen (August 8th): Obama 52%-McCain 40%
Elway (August 5th): Obama 47%-McCain 44%
Strategic Vision (July 29th): Obama 48%-McCain 37%
SUSA (July 17th): Obama 55%-McCain 39%
Rossi internal (July 16th): Obama 47%-McCain 37%
Rasmussen (July 11h): Obama 51%-McCain 42%
SUSA (June 21st): Obama 55%-McCain 40%

  • Washington gubernatorial race

Rasmussen (October 3rd): Tie at 48%
(September 24th): Gregoire 50%-Rossi 48%
Strategic Vision (Sept. 19th): Rossi 48%-Gregoire 47%
Elway (September 15th): Gregoire 48%-Rossi 44%
Rasmussen (September 12th): Rossi 52%-Gregoire 46%
SUSA (September 10th): Rossi 48%-Gregoire 47%
SUSA (August 13th): Gregoire 50%-Rossi 48%
Rasmussen (August 8th): Gregoire 47%-Rossi 43%
Elway (August 5th): Gregoire 52%-Rossi 36%
SUSA (July 17th): Gregoire 49%-Rossi 46%
Rossi internal (July 15th): Tie at 45%
Rasmussen (July 15th): Gregoire (D) 49%-Rossi (R) 43%

  • Washington’s 8th district

SUSA (September 11th): Reichert 54%-Burner 44%
SUSA (July 31st): Reichert 50%-Burner 44%
SUSA (June 19th): Reichert (R) 51%-Burner (D) 45%

  • West Virginia

Rasmussen (Sept. 25th): McCain 50%-Obama 42%
CNN/Time (Sept. 24th): McCain 50%-Obama 46%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 49%-Obama 45%
MBE (September 10th): McCain 44%-Obama 39%

  • Wisconsin

Rasmussen (Oct. 8th): Obama 54%-McCain 44%
SUSA (Oct. 7th): Obama 52%-McCain 42%
CNN/Time (Oct. 7th): Obama 50%-McCain 42%-Nader 4%-Barr 1%
Strategic Vision (Oct. 1st): Obama 49%-McCain 40%
Research 2000 (Sept. 25th): Obama 49%-McCain 43%
Quinnipiac (Sept. 23rd): Obama 49%-McCain 42%
ARG (Sept. 22nd): Obama 50%-McCain 45%
Big Ten (September 18th): Obama 45%-McCain 44%
CNN (September 17th): Obama 50%-McCain 47%
Rasmussen (Sept. 17th): Obama 48%-McCain 46%
Strategic Vision (Sept. 9th): Obama 46%-McCain 43%
Strategic Vision (August 13th): Obama 47%-McCain 42%
Rasmussen (August 7th): Obama 47%-McCain 43%
WPR (August 7th): Obama 44%-McCain 38%
Quinnipiac (July 24th): Obama 50%-McCain 39%
Rasmussen (July 10th): Obama 52%-McCain 42%
Quinnipiac (June 27th): Obama 52%-McCain 39%
SUSA (June 18th): Obama 52%-McCain 43%

  • Wisconsin’s 8th district (WI-08)

SUSA (Oct. 7th): Kagen 54%-Gard 43%
Gard internal poll (Sept. 23rd): Kagen 46%-Gard 45%
Gard internal poll (July 21st): Kagen 46%-Gard 42%

  • Wyoming

Research 2000 (Sept. 26th): McCain 57%-Obama 36%
ARG (September 17th): McCain 66%-Obama 28%
Rasmussen (September 11th): McCain 58%-Obama 39%
Mason Dixon (August 24th): McCain 62%-Obama 25%

  • Wyoming’s at-large district (WY-AL)

Research 2000 (September 26th): Tie at 42%

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