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My readers know that I seldom disappear for entire days, but other writing obligations made me take the extraordinary step of unplugging my Internet connection all day. I’d never tried that method, and I’m happy to report it allowed me to be productive, but it also means I won’t get back to blogging until tomorrow. All my apologies. To compensate, here’s a quick round-up of the day’s news, some of which I’ll obviously come back to tomorrow:

Rep. John Shadegg is the 14th House Republican to announce his retirement. A new poll has Martha Coakley leading by 8%; she also got The Boston Globe’s endorsement, Bill Clinton will campaign for her and Vicky Kennedy is cutting an ad on her behalf; yet, both Stuart Rothenberg and Charlie Cook moved the race to the toss-up category so conventional wisdom is preparing for the possibility of an unfathomable upset. Elsewhere, surveys show the GOP in very solid positions in Nevada and North Dakota’s Senate races while Democrats look all but certain to save Connecticut’s Senate seat.

Finally, the Supreme Court has postponed issuing a decision on Citizens United again, which is puzzling all Court observers; Rick Hasen writes that recent hint suggests the ruling could “turn out much worse than [campaign finance proponents] have dreaded.”

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  1. 1 Robert_V

    There are a lot of folks risking their credibility, or credulity on the MA senate race. This might be the triumph of form over substance, an “emperor has no clothe” effect, in which the pundits are quick and fast to believe a narrative that has no substance. Martha Coakley will be elected to the senate by a wide and comfortable margin. No less that 15 points. But I still can see Cook and Rothenberg and the other pundits making the argument that by virtue of the Democrats taking the race seriously, and Brown having created the illusion of being within striking distance, the GOP and Brown did indeed accomplished something. All that without mentioning that they themselves created the tight race narrative. I don’t poll. I don’t have a clue of the composition of the electorate. I might as well be full of crap. But every union organizer I know in MA, every Democratic activist I know in MA, every one of my friend in Boston that work on the Menino administration, and I have a few, tell me that the democratic vote will show up. And Coackly wins easy. I just remember how during the primaries the polls showed BO even with HC in MA. She won relatively easy. The Boston vote machine will be ready on Tuesday. But as I said, I don’t poll.

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