Two years!

This week-end marked Campaign Diaries’s 2nd anniversary! Thanks to all of you that make it possible for it to continue by reading or commenting - especially those who have been around for a long time.

It’s been one hell of a ride, with a presidential election, hundreds of congressional races, the interminable Obama-Hillary slugfest, the frontrunner-less GOP primaries, thousands of polls and campaign ads, the Coleman-Franken recount, unexpectedly competitive special elections, debate nights, convention speeches, dumbfounding scandals, mouthwatering retirements, puzzling resignations, very very very very long Election Nights (all but that last one entertaining, what was up with Gary, IN?), Sarah Palin and Tina Fey, Democrats attaining 60 Senate seats, conservative Democrats’ determination to block liberals, and now the midterm preparations and the innumerable questions surrounding 2010.

Campaign Diaries is obviously a very time-consuming endeavor but I have derived little income to account for the countless hours I have put into this blog since August 2007. Back in February, the last time I had to make my biannual payment for domain name and hosting service, I set up a “Donate” account via PayPal. Thanks to some of you readers, I was able to raise enough to cover those expenses.

Now that six more months have passed - and with it another payment - I am appealing to you again. I would be tremendously grateful if anyone who has been enjoying the blog wants to contribute a little encouragement in order to help me cover the website’s maintenance costs. Access to PayPal is available on the right sidebar and here.

2 Responses to “Two years!”

  1. 1 Darsh

    Hey Taniel,

    I’ve been reading your site for several months, and I am amazed by the quality and depth of your analysis. Your site is becoming a regular political staple of mine, and rightly so. I’ll be happy to donate, and please keep the good work up!

  2. 2 Guy

    Congratulations on this milestone. I will donate as well.

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