1,500 posts

I bumped up this post (originally written on Monday) since I have almost reached my next domain name/hosting payment date.

Campaign Diaries just passed the mark of 1,500 blog posts, and I am all the more proud of reaching that number since I rarely post short entries. Another symbolic moment is coming up in just a few days: the blog’s one and a half year anniversary. Thank you to all my readers - especially those who have been reading since the beginning!

While things have gotten less hectic than my seemingly full-time blogging in the run-up to Election Day, Campaign Diaries’s is obviously a very time-consuming endeavor and that is why I set up a “Donate” account via PayPal. (You can access it in the right sidebar.)

I did install Google Ads, but the amount they provide is laughably small, and I have derived little income to account for the countless hours I have put into this blog since August 2007. Quite the contrary, since I have to keep spending to keep my domain name and hosting service. With yet another payment scheduled in a matter of days, I would be tremendously grateful if anyone who has been enjoying the blog wants to contribute a little encouragement in order to help me cover the website’s maintenance costs.

4 Responses to “1,500 posts”

  1. 1 Mike

    Congratulations. I plan on donating because you have provided a very good service. With insightful analysis and a detailed graps of the situations.

  2. 2 Guy

    Taniel - I have just donated because I value this site. Keep up the good work.

  3. 3 David, Tallahassee

    I had hoped to move on to other topics after the election, after following every twist and turn of the election cycle. But noooooo; Taniel just had to start a blog so well written that I find myself unable to turn away. So I have donated, to support the pusher man that supports my addiction.


  4. 4 Sid

    Excellent reporting Taniel. I plan on donating . Thanks for all the hard work you put in to analyze politics today in USA>

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