Yet another design

Here is yet another design for Campaign Diaries - the fourth since the website’s launch and the second in the space of ten days.

For the first time, I am hosting Campaign Diaries myself. That allows me far more control of the website’s look besides choosing the template. So I can now also incorporate suggestions more easily. This change also means that I am putting ads again. (My longtime readers will remember that I had ads for more than six months - until mid-June, to be exact.) I know that is annoying, but it should help me take care of the website’s operating costs.

Finally, I would like to thank Yonah Freemark, who provided invaluable help through the technological and design process over the past two weeks (he keeps up his own blog related to transit issues at The Transport Politic).

- Daniel Nichanian

12 Responses to “Yet another design”

  1. 1 Joe from NC

    I like the new design.
    And I don’t mind the ads.
    By the way, did you see that Senator Voinovich is retiring?

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    haha nice one!

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